Wooden Cubes - What are they used for?

Wooden Cubes - What are they used for?

Wooden Cubes or Blocks are a craft staple and have a wide variety of uses. We have noticed though, a lot of customers have been purchasing these to assist with learning, counting and used to develop number, sorting and motor skills.

You can use a removable adhesive tape if you want to temporarily fix them together or if you want them stuck together permanently, you could use a high-quality craft glue or hot glue gun. They can be stuck together to make a base, or they can be painted or used with glitter, rhinestones or any variety of embellishments.

Wooden Cubes available from Discount Craft or any craft good stores are commonly made from a soft wood and are perfect for use at home or in the classroom. We recommend that they are used for ages 5 and up.

These wooden cubes can be used in conjunction with other wooden pieces to help develop recognition skills.

Wooden cubes, like these available from Discount Craft can help to teach value, recognition, motor and number skills and are available in these 3 different sizes:

10mm x 10mm - 42 pack
15mm x 15mm - 42 pack

30mm x 30mm - 9 pack

If you are in the market for some wooden cubes, you can check out all of our wooden products here online at Discount Craft today.

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