The Best Merit Stickers you can buy!

The Best Merit Stickers you can buy!

If you are a parent, teacher, early childhood educator or work with children in some shape or form and are looking for the best way to reward your students - look no further than Scratch n Sniff Merit Stickers.

Instead of regular boring Merit stickers, why not reward your children with Scratch n Sniff Merit Stickers. There are 12 available to choose from and we've given a small review of every one of them below to make the decision easy for you!

In no order - here is the Scratch n Sniff Merit range:


If you love the sweet smell of Strawberry lollies or strawberry jam, then this is the sticker for you! With pictures of Strawberry toast, Strawberry Milkshakes and Strawberry Jam. This sweet-smelling sticker is sure to be a hit.


Not everyone's favourite. But we think Blackberry definitely has its place in the Merit Sticker Collection. Think sweet, strong-smelling blackberries!


Think Grape lollies, or grape cordial. This is one of our favourite sweet Scents. Another sweet smelling sticker that kids will love.


Buttery smelling freshly popped popcorn! This is the winner for us of the Scratch n Sniff Merit range! With images of corn, popcorn buckets (like you will find at the cinema). This is our favourite Merit sticker that we sell.


Everyone's favourite fruit. This sweet-smelling Mango has a fresh tropical vibe which kids will love. The stickers have pictures of Mangos smiling and dancing and Mango Smoothies. With phrases like Good Job and You did it!


This is a popular one with older kids, these smells just like the drink! With cans and bottles and sayings like "you did it" and "excellent!" The Cola scent is another popular Merit Scented sticker in the range.


Think Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Cookies, Smarties and M&M's - these Chocolate Stickers smell like the real thing and smell so good you could eat them!


I personally don't like Bananas to eat, but these stickers smell like Banana lollies like the ones you used to buy from the milk bar or corner shop. If you like pictures of bananas dancing around, then these are the stickers for you!

Fairy Floss

Fairy Floss is a great sweet smelling that reminds you of the Carnival. With sayings like "Awesome", "Very Good" and "You did it" These are a popular Scratch n Sniff Sticker which kids will love. Plus, they have brightly coloured pastel colours!


Think Blueberry Muffins, Blueberry Pie and Blueberries smiling and dancing around! Another awesome Fruity Scratch n Sniff Sticker. 


There is a reason why this one is so popular - it smells just like bubble-gum! Pictures of Gum Ball machines, packs of gum and Gum balls - these stickers are brightly coloured, and you can smell them as soon as you open the packet!


Freshly cut watermelon on a hot summer day. Is there anything better? Probably not - but these stickers are very close to the real thing. These are brightly coloured red and green with sayings like "Nice work" and "Great Idea". These will be a hit with your kids.

In conclusion:

There you have it, all 12 of the Scratch n Sniff Merit sticker range. If you still can't decide - why not get one of each? Mix and match them and see which one you like the best.  You can purchase the Scratch n Sniff Sticker range right here online at Discount Craft today.



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