The best Cutting Mats for Scrapbooking

The best Cutting Mats for Scrapbooking

Cutting Mats are a must-have if you are trimming photographs or card frame mounts and don't want to damage your work surface.

Cutting Mats are also used by artists and designers putting together scrapbooks, collages and mood boards. Also used by hobbyists for sewing, quilting and other arts and craft projects that involve using a utility or rotary knife.

A good quality cutting mat doesn't just protect your surface, it will also prolong the life of your blades and rotary cutters and help them stay sharp.

Also a good cutting mat will also come with grid lines and measurements to help you make precise and accurate cuts. A good quality cutting mat will also be self-healing, which means that if they get cut by your blade, they will spring back into place. This happens because they are made from lots of small, separate pieces of material all pressed together to form the PVC cutting mat.

How to Decide what cutting mat is right for you?

The first key buying decision you need to make is how big you want your mat. The easy answer is that it should be as big as the largest piece of paper, card or photograph you would want to cut.

The second point is, do not settle for a cheap cutting mat as they will not last the test of time. Good quality cutting mats are self-healing which means you can use them over and over for years to come. Cheap cutting mats will not self-heal rendering them useless after a couple of projects.

What sort of Cutting Mats does Discount Craft stock?

We only stock PortaCraft cutting mats which are made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and are available in the colour Green. They have an anti-glare coating which makes them a pleasure to use for day to day craft activities.

They are available in A1, A2, A3, A4 & A5 sizes (subject to availability) which will suit most papercraft and scrapbooking projects for day to day home use.

Why buy PortaCraft Cutting Mats?

We think some of the reasons to choose a PortaCraft cutting Mat from Discount Craft are:

  • They are 3mm thick, perfect for home use.
  • Reversible (grid printed on both sides)
  • Self-Healing materials.
  • Made from High Quality PVC.
  • Anti-glare coating.
  • Clearly printed gridlines with CM measurements.
  • Very durable and a nice surface to cut on.
  • Available in 5 sizes.

The best part of the PortaCraft cutting mats is that they are designed to be suitable for all types of arts and crafts projects including scrapbooking, quilting and sewing and with clearly printed gridlines on both sides.

If you are in the Market for a lovely new Cutting Mat, please check out the range of our PortaCraft Cutting Mats here.

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