Mothers Day Craft Idea - No Mess Sticker Lanterns

Mothers Day Craft Idea - No Mess Sticker Lanterns

If you're looking for a unique craft idea for your kids to make their Mums for Mothers Day, try this. Kids love Mothers Day Crafts, and we've got the perfect no-mess Mothers Day craft idea. For safety, we recommend getting the battery powered tea lights for this craft idea. 

To begin, gather the necessary materials. You will need a clean glass jar, some decorative stickers, and a tea light candle. You'll also need scissors to cut the string.

You'll find loads of different stickers in various designs at Discount Craft, such as flowers, hearts, butterflies, rhinestone sheets, lace decals, and so much more. We also have alphabet stickers, in case they would like to pop a message on their lantern.

Once you have all the materials, start by applying the stickers to the glass jar. You can place them in any pattern you like or cover the entire jar with stickers. Make sure the stickers are firmly attached to the glass jar to prevent them from falling off. Use some burlap string or paper rope around the neck of the jar. 

Next, switch on the tea light and place the tea light candle inside the jar. The light from the candle will shine through the stickers and create a beautiful and warm glow!

If you like any of the stickers we have used above, you can find them here: 
ButterfliesPurple Rhinestones | Purple Paper Cord

These lanterns will be a treasured keepsake that Mum can cherish for years to come. Happy Mothers Day Crafting everyone! 

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