How are Scratch n Sniff Stickers made?

How are Scratch n Sniff Stickers made?

Do you have fond memories of Scratch n Sniff Stickers? Have you ever wondered how they are made?

Well, we have done all the research - and here is what you need to know about your favourite scented stickers!

Scratch n Sniff stickers are created through a micro-encapsulation process. Microscopic capsules of scents are specially designed to be printed onto the stickers. Similar to creating a perfume, anything from sweet smelling candy to fruity citrus or even floral scents can be made into the microscopic capsules.

The desired scent is then surrounded by small micro-capsules that break easily when gently rubbed or scratched. The rubbing action breaks the small micro-encapsulated bubbles and releases the scent.

Rubbing or scratching them causes the small capsules to break, which is what makes the smell on the stickers.

Because of the micro-encapsulation the scent can be preserved for a very long time and can last several months or even years. You can rub the sticker repeatedly until all the microscopic capsules have worn out off the sticker. The sticker will continue to produce a scent until all the capsules have worn out.

Add in some cool graphic printed designs and some Microscopic capsules of scent and there you have your scratch n sniff stickers!

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