5 easy ways to clean up glitter!

5 easy ways to clean up glitter!

Paints and play-doh are pretty standard to clean up post-crafternoon, but if you've got an overachiever on your hands ... you're probably stuck with some glitter too! Glitter is one of our favourite things to craft with here at Discount Craft (check out our glitter section, it's impressive) but it can be a real pain to clean up.

Luckily we've put together some of our favourite hacks for getting all those pesky bits off the floor and wherever else they've managed to sneak their way into. 

    1. Vacuum: Might sound like common sense but it's going to clean it up a lot better than a dustpan and brush! Use it as an excuse to clean out the vacuum filter, you know you've been avoiding that chore.. 

    2. Use tape: Duct tape, masking tape, or scotch tape can be used to pick up loose glitter from skin, clothes, and surfaces. Simply press the tape onto the glitter and then peel it off. Repeat this process until all of the glitter is removed.

    3. Use the balloon hack: rub a balloon on the carpet create some static, and then roll over the remaining bits of glitter.

    4. A lint roller: A standard lint roller is an excellent tool for removing glitter from clothes and fabric. Roll the lint roller over the glitter to pick it up and remove it and simply peel it off and throw it away!

    5. Oil: For getting glitter off skin, we've found cotton rounds and oil will do the trick! Yep - the very same ones you use for removing your makeup. For the oil, a cleansing oil, baby oil or a basic olive oil will work perfectly. 

Now you can go forth and embrace crafting with glitter, without the fear of finding little bits everywhere for weeks after! Thank us later. 

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